Champagne Rose Petal Jelly Cupcakes


Your Favourite Vanilla Cupcake Recipe (12 cupcakes)

2 cups heavy cream
7 ounces mascarpone
2 tablespoons Artisan Edibles Champagne Rose Petal Jelly

2 tablespoons finely chopped pistachio nuts
12 tsp. Champagne Rose Petal Jelly

Bake cupcakes as directed and cool.

To make the mascarpone cream, beat the cream in a bowl until slightly thick and add in the mascarpone with the 2 tablespoons of Champagne Rose Petal Jelly.
Cut a hole in the top centre of each cupcake, remove the cake topper and place one teaspoon of rose petal jelly in the hole. Cover jelly with cake topper.
Place rose mascarpone cream into a piping bag and, using a wide tip, decorate the tops of the cupcakes.
You can garnish with finely chopped pistachios or unsprayed rose petals.