The Versatility of Artisan Edibles

Artisan Edibles jellies, chutneys and antipasto are tasty appetizers with rustic breads or crackers and cheeses. Our Rhubarb Sour Cherry Chutney is also delicious as a dessert or savory sauce.

They are also an excellent way to add zip to a full range of entrees. Use them as an alternative to barbecue sauce for adding flavour to your favorite grilling meats, fish or seafood. Try them in sandwiches or croissants, with cold meats for a gourmet-on-the-go lunch, or served on the side at an outdoor dinner table.

For examples of how Artisan Edibles products can complement your favorite entrees, see the recipes listed. The flavour options are almost endless.


Blueberry Lavender Jelly

Sparkling Wild Rose Petal Jelly

Pomegranate Hot Pepper Jelly

Raspberry Cardamom Jelly

Apple Fig Ginger Chutney

Meyer Lemon Chutney

Rhubarb Sour Cherry Chutney

Rose Petal Scone Mix