Rhubarb Sour Cherry Chutney

Inspired by Vancouver Island’s early harvest season, local sour cherries and Vancouver Island rhubarb are suitable compliments for Artisan Edibles Rhubarb and Sour Cherry Chutney. Rhubarb is one of the first edibles to appear in the spring garden while sour cherries, the Montmorency among them, are one of the first fruits to ripen each summer. The two together make an appealing tart and sweet blend that livens the palate. But we didn’t stop there. We took those base notes and added extra body and heft with white raisins, fresh ginger, red wine, cinnamon and Kirsch. What can we say but welcome, to your new addiction.

Serving Suggestions

While always welcome on a freshly baked scone, muffin or buttery croissant, our Rhubarb and Sour Cherry Chutney makes instant picnic fare paired with a crusty baguette and aged Farmhouse cheddar. Don’t forget a bottle of rich fruity Shiraz!  It’s also brilliant with blue cheese and crackers, or white truffle chevre. Try it as a decadent accompaniment to crispy potato latkes with sour cream, a condiment for the minced pork pie tourtière, or as an indulgent topping for juicy lamb or turkey burgers with goat cheese, or on savoury cheesecakes.

Cheese Pairings

    Farmhouse Cheddar, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks Island Brie, Poplar Grove’s Triple Cream Camembert, Saltspring Cheese’s Blue Juliette and White Truffle Chèvre