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Welcome to our first blog post at Artisan Edibles!

Welcome to our first blog post at Artisan Edibles! We’re just in time, too, with the holiday season beginning shortly. We have lots of suggestions to help you create a sassy and effortless cheeseboard for your guests, exactly what Artisan Edibles is all about! Pop open some bubbly for your celebration and make sure to pour yourself a glass to drink while you put together a breathtaking plate of cheeses using our absolutely divine Raspberry Cardamom Jelly and Champagne Rose Petal Jelly. We promise that the process is fun, easy, and yields a very impressive finish.

There is a magical quality to a well selected cheeseboard, the cheese itself chosen with care and the accompaniments serving to highlight rather than hinder the myriad of flavours found all on one plate. The seemingly serendipitous marriage of tastes and textures can seem elusive and yes, magical, in its perfection. But rest assured, in practice it is very simple to create delicious pairings of your very own. After all, pairing food all comes down to balance in the end; strong must be balanced with subtle, bitter with sweet, richness with light. Keeping in mind the principle of balance, and the very happy task of edible experimentation, making a cheese board can be an enjoyable and relaxing endeavour rather than an arduous one.

Raspberry Cardamom Fuoco

Begin by choosing a cheese or condiment you love, Raspberry Cardamom Jelly and Champagne Rose Petal Jelly are exercises in balance themselves and are an excellent place to start for an early autumn cheeseboard. Our Raspberry Cardamom Jelly is exotic, sassy, and sophisticated; its vibrant berry colour looks beautiful beside cheese and fresh figs on a cheeseboard. The flavours are ripe summer berries with a hint of sweet and savoury warmth from the cardamom. The overt brightness of this jelly pairs well with milky tasting and slightly sweet cheeses making soft washed rind cheeses a perfect candidate. Cheeses such as Fuoco, a washed rind buffalo milk cheese from Quebec, or Romelia, a goat’s milk cheese from Salt Spring Island make excellent pairings with the Rasperry Cardamom Jelly. The Fuoco is especially tasty, when fully ripe its sticky rind becomes slightly salty, working brilliantly with the sweetness of the jelly.

Pierre Robert and Champagne Rose PetalOur Champagne Rose Petal Jelly is an exercise in the power of restraint when balance is involved. Smelling of lush roses, this soft pink jelly has the most delicate floral taste that the dry champagne only serves to highlight in contrast. Champagne Rose Petal Jelly is a sensual addition to a cheeseboard and needs an equally sensual cheese to serve alongside it. In contrast to the lightness of the jelly, a triple creme cheese provides the richness and tanginess that makes a truly heavenly pairing.Our absolute favourite is Pierre Robert, an unctuous French triple creme comparable to dense whipping cream, but we also love ripened Brillat Savarin, Chateau du Bourgogne, or Lady Jane from Farm House Natural Cheeses in Agassiz, BC.

Gone CrackersSelecting cheese and accompaniments for your cheeseboard should always be a fun and relaxing activity, just remember the rule of balance. We recommend using crackers that are neutral in flavour and that don’t have seeds that can distract from the flavours on your cheeseboard. The Undressed crackers from Gone Crackers and Original Croccantini are both excellent options that we love. Remember to serve your cheese at room temperature, giving it an hour out of the fridge before putting it out for your guests. There are so many wonderful ways that our Raspberry Cardamom Jelly and Champagne Rose Petal Jelly can be paired with other cheeses, have fun taste testing and let us know of any delicious combinations you come up with.

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