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January New Year Greetings from Artisan Edibles!

Whether you were in the company of others or spending some much-needed time by yourself we hope that your transition to 2016 was full of peace, warmth, and delicious food and drink.

We are thrilled to announce the results of this year’s Specialty Foods Report on upcoming food trends, especially because their predictions on Food Florals are so relevant to two of our favourites: Champagne Rose Petal Jelly and Blueberry Lavender Jelly. These two bestselling jellies, while exquisite on their own, are also marvelous paired with less obvious ingredients and can elevate something that’s tasty to a state of sublime.

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Cheese board

Welcome to our first blog post at Artisan Edibles!

Welcome to our first blog post at Artisan Edibles! We’re just in time, too, with the holiday season beginning shortly. We have lots of suggestions to help you create a sassy and effortless cheeseboard for your guests, exactly what Artisan Edibles is all about! Pop open some bubbly for your celebration and make sure to pour yourself a glass to drink while you put together a breathtaking plate of cheeses using our absolutely divine Raspberry Cardamom Jelly and Champagne Rose Petal Jelly. We promise that the process is fun, easy, and yields a very impressive finish.

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