Sparkling Wild Rose Petal Jelly

The seductive scent of wild roses that grow in abundance near our home was the first Artisan Edibles’ inspiration and Sparkling Wild Rose Petal Jelly has proven to be an enduring classic.

Sparkling white wine is infused with wild rose petals to create a fragrant complex jewel bringing you a touch of the exotic to the table. Delicately sweetened, this jelly varies from pale pink to ruby red depending on the petal’s hue when handpicked at the height of their season.

Serving Suggestions

Spoon onto freshly baked Artisan Edibles Rose Petal Scones with crème fraiche for the ultimate tea party offering. Pair with triple cream brie or camembert on a gourmet cracker, served with glasses of your favourite bubbly, or use as a glaze for a sophisticated touch at the dinner hour. Simply heat the jelly to melting over medium high heat and brush on roasted Cornish game hen, or over grilled lamb kebabs infused with Moroccan spices.

Cheese Pairings

    Brillat Savarin, Saint André, Manchego, Comte, Saltspring Cheese’s Juliette, Natural Pasture’s Brie, Dauphin, Paillot de Chèvre, Château du Burgoyne, Salt Spring Island’s Absolutely Fresh Cheese